Morning take: Patriots in Super Bowl?

Here are the most interesting stories Friday in the AFC East:

Morning take: This is an interesting prediction that is out of the norm. But it is wide open in the divisional round where any of the eight teams have a chance.

  • Former San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner is expected to join the Cleveland Browns and new head coach Rob Chudzinski.

Morning take: This is bad news for the New York Jets, who need a coach like Turner to turn their offense around. New York is moving slow in several areas and the rest of the league is making moves.

Morning take: Pouncey already is one of the top centers in the NFL. But a Pro Bowl snub should motivate Pouncey to be even better in 2013.

Morning take: This is the best way for Buffalo to go. The Bills have 4-3 personnel, but Pettine is a 3-4 coach. Infusing both is the best way to make the situation work.