Vacation time in the AFC East

I have bad news and good news for our AFC East community.

The bad news is I will be away from the AFC East blog for the next two weeks while on summer vacation. My good friend, ESPN.com staff, will take over the blog and provide daily links for our community. As always, please be kind and respectful to the substitute teacher.

The good news is my first day back will be for the start of Miami Dolphins' training camp on July 20. It will be time to put the pads on in Miami, which is the first team to get started in the division. The Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots and New York Jets soon will follow suit.

We've made it through another offseason together in the AFC East blog. I want to personally thank everyone in our community who continued to read the blog from February through July when no games were played. Now, it's time to get the players and coaches back on the field.

As a final reminder, a Facebook account will be required to make comments as of July 17, which is geared toward accountability.