Jets do right thing with Drew Stanton

The New York Jets created a situation where they had another unhappy player in their locker room. A couple days later, they did the right thing to correct the issue.

Backup quarterback Drew Stanton wanted out after being pegged as the No. 3 quarterback behind starter Mark Sanchez and newly-acquired quarterback Tim Tebow. Stanton recently signed a one-year, $1.25 million contract with the intention of backing up Sanchez, but Tebowmania changed all that.

On Friday the Jets traded Stanton to the Indianapolis Colts, where he can backup future No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck.

Stanton felt swerved and upset in New York. He was recruited by the Jets with the intention of being one play away. But Tebow would have ensured Stanton probably wouldn't see the light of day in 2012 unless both Sanchez and Tebow struggled or got injured.

The Jets didn't need a third-string quarterback with potential to be a malcontent. The Jets have enough locker room issues as it is. Regaining the rapport between Sanchez and No. 1 receiver Santonio Holmes and meshing Tebow in the mix are enough.

The potential Stanton headache wasn’t worth it. Both sides will be better off apart.