Sparano says Fins taking 'look-see' at Carter

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Head coach Tony Sparano confirmed Thursday the Miami Dolphins are giving QB Quincy Carter a workout.

Carter hasn't played in the NFL since 2004 because of drug issues. He underwent rehab this past winter.

He was the starting quarterback for Dolphins football operations boss Bill Parcells with the Dallas Cowboys. Sparano was on that staff. New Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland was in the Cowboys front office.

The workout might be used for future reference, like in case of an injury to one of the three quarterbacks on the roster: Josh McCown, John Beck and Chad Henne.

"This is just a workout. That's all it is," Sparano said at his daily news conference. "It's a look-see, see what's happening out there.

"I mentioned this [Wednesday in response to questions about WR Terry Glenn], and this is important: Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells will do their due diligence on every player that's out there and every player that's available one way or the other to try to help our football team, whatever way we can help our football team down the road.

"This is just a workout to take a look to make sure that we're dotting the 'i' and crossing the 't' ourselves."

Carter, who won't turn 31 until October, checked into a South Florida drug rehab facility in December and transitioned to a local halfway house. He recently signed a two-year Arena League contract.

Carter led Dallas to a 10-6 record and into the playoffs in 2003, his last year there. He was released the following camp for failing a drug test. The New York Jets picked him up for 2004 but dismissed him after one season.

"Quincy was athletic and he can move and he can make some plays that way and he kept plays alive a little bit," Sparano said. "Early on in our process [in Dallas] that was important for us. He was an intelligent guy and a pretty good motivator, from what I remember."

But Sparano insisted he was satisfied with his QBs so far in camp.

"I have been pleased with the three quarterbacks and what they've done," Sparano said. "I think the competition is really good. [Carter's workout] just means that we need to make sure we're doing our due diligence on players that are available."