News flash: Joey Porter doesn't like Patriots

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
DAVIE, Fla. -- Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter doesn't have anything inflammatory to say about New England Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel this time.

Porter instead is reserving his disdain for the entire Patriots organization heading into Sunday's rematch in Dolphin Stadium.

Before they played Sept. 21 in Foxborough, Mass., Porter dogged Cassel as nothing more than an ordinary backup and openly spoke about getting Miami's first victory.

The Dolphins backed up Porter's declarations. They unveiled their Wildcat offense and shocked the Patriots, 38-13.

But Porter's disgust for the Patriots hasn't waned in the past two months. He still perceives them as an arrogant team that tried to embarrass the doormat Dolphins last year and exhibits too little respect -- even during warm-ups.

Not shockingly, Porter is going into Sunday with a chip on his shoulder.

Here is what Porter had to say Monday about his feelings for the Patriots.

Do you think Bill Belichick will take this game personally given what happened the last time you played the Patriots?

Porter: We played them up there last year and they were up by 21 and they was running run plays with a minute left. They could've kneed the ball. We couldn't win the game. They was up by 21. So I really don't care how they feel or what they're getting ready for. Doesn't really matter to me.

Everybody was hoping we was going to be 0-13 and they were going to be 13-0, and they were moving the game around to get us on TV. They were up, and I'm looking at [Tom] Brady, thinking he's going to take a knee. We don't have no timeouts or nothing. But they continued to run the ball. So if that's how they feel, then it is what it is.

You certainly have a long memory.

Porter: Yeah, I got a long memory. Why wouldn't you remember that?

I was mad at my son's pee-wee game the other day. They was losing 27-0, and there was two minutes left. They had the twos [second stringers] in the game and we was trying to stop them. They got to fourth down, and [the opposing coach] brought back in the ones and they break a touchdown. I mean, these are kids, 33-0.

What was the point of scoring the extra touchdown for? This was the Super Bowl game. You already won. The kids is already crying. Why would you do that?

Seriously, I went up to the coach. I was pissed off. I just wanted to understand "What is the point? You just won. What's the difference in 27-0 or 33-0?" Seven- and eight-year-olds. He just said "That's life." That's a reminder to let you know how people think. So you can't never let your guard down, even in pee-wee football.

Did the other pee-wee coach know who you were?

Porter: It really didn't matter who I was. You see these little kids out there, getting handled. They didn't have a chance. Obviously, we couldn't stop them all day. What's the use of putting your ones back in and scoring an extra touchdown?

So when New England's out there, running plays on us last year when they could've been taking a knee, what was the point?

Does that fall on Bill Belichick?

Porter: I mean, he did it.

Do you use what has happened in the past as motivation for Sunday?

Porter: I don't forget things like that. I hope our whole defense, our whole team don't forget things like that. ... [Belichick] had the mindset last year where he said if he could put 50 up on you, he was going to put 50 up on you. That was his mindset.

So why should I feel sorry about anything that happens on their sideline? I really don't care what's going on over there. I'm worried about what we're doing, period.

How does this rivalry rate with you?

Porter: This is the type of game that doesn't need a whole lot of talking. You don't need to pump nobody up for this game. You don't need no long speeches. You know the opportunity you have in front of you. You know the team you're playing. If you know the history of the team you're playing, that should be enough for you already. Use that in the game.

They walked through our stretch and stuff like that. They let us know how they feel about us. There's no love lost. We don't like them. They don't like us.

What happened with them in pregame warm-ups in September?

Porter: We were in a stretch and they walked directly down the field and then started punting over our heads, like, "Damn, would you want the whole hundred-yard field? You got your 50 yards over there, then you walk through our 50, go to the end zone and kick to the 50?"

You have a bad taste for these guys, don't you?

Porter: I don't like them. I ain't never really too much care for them. It is what it is. We'll be ready on Sunday.

Is this an issue of respect?

Porter: It's always about respect. If somebody shows you respect, then you're going to get respect back. But if someone shows you a certain way, why should I be any different? They're not sitting over there, praising me. I'm not in their top-five favorite people in their locker room. Why should I put them in my top-five favorites?

We went down there and got a win down there. Now they got to come into our yard.