Carter hints that Pats made Moss an offer

ESPN NFL analyst Chris Carter and close friend of Randy Moss called in to SportsCenter to give his take on Moss’ decision to retire. Interestingly, Carter indicated that it just might have been the moves the Patriots and Jets made at the receiver position that pushed Moss to make the decision to hang ‘em up.

"What I think forced (his retirement) was No. 1, New England trading for (Chad) Ochocinco,” Carter explained. “That's the No. 1 place he wanted to go to. His biggest problem with New England was he didn’t want a one-year deal. New England wanted to sign him to a one-year deal. As you can see, New England gave Chad that three-year deal.

“The next team he wanted to go to was the New York Jets. Now they had someone, a big receiver, who decided to take the one-year deal: Plaxico Burress.

“So Randy Moss, he'll tell you, he has all the awards, the accolades, everything but a Super Bowl. And people never want to give Randy credit that he wants to win. Randy is a winner and he wants to win and he wants to win a Super Bowl.

“What I'm seeing is, when those two teams were removed from him and his ability to go play with them, I think that Randy reacted a lot like the Randy that came into the league, like the Randy we've seen and he said 'You know something, I'm not just going to play for anyone,' like last year when he played for the Titans. That was truly embarrassing, It didn’t even look like Randy Moss.

“Randy’s mind has to be in the right state. His body I'm sure is in a great state, even better than it was last year. Randy Moss, he's not playing football today because he couldn’t find a suitor.

“Now, as far his agent saying he was in the best shape of his life this offseason, he really was and was really making an attempt to come back and make that splash in the NFL that we were used to.”