Remember last week: Dolphins edition

The New York Jets and Miami Dolphins resumed their rivalry on Sunday. But the buildup from fans in the AFC East blog was an intense, weeklong affair.

New York beat Miami in a wild overtime game, 23-20. That means it's time for Dolphins fans to eat some crow for their comments last week.



  • Priority75rules writes: “Jets LOSERS are in HIDING TERRIFIED of what’s going to happen to their PATHETIC overrated team this Sunday! Raiders were also favored by 2.5 last week! How’d that work out? Miami 24 Jets 10!”

  • Exhausted65 writes: “It absolutely amazes me how dumb Jet fans are. The Jets don't even have a shot at beating Miami this week.”

  • More Exhausted65 writes: “Miami will win this game, no problem. It doesn't matter whether the Jets have, that no talent hack crybaby Revis or not.”

  • TannehillHOF writes: “Reggie Bush will light up that weak run defense the jets have. Revis shouldn't be much of a factor in this game.”

  • JeremyM13 writes: “Tony Sparano has never been able to get a W in Sun Life Stadium. Dolphins 34, Jets 17.”

  • Corteric7 Writes: “If Revis plays LB to cover Reggie Bush in the flat, then MAYBE the Phins get shut down. Not going to hurt us if Hartline is shut down. We'll just run the ball and hit bess, fasano and maybe Naanee when needed and Bush out of the back field. Revis will be bored all game.”

  • Oline4Life73 writes: “I love the arrogance from the Yets fans...LOL...You will not be able to run the ball Sunday...therefore you need Sanchez to bail you out….Remember the last time you needed that in Miami?

  • More Priority75rules writes: “Miami beats this PATHETIC Jet Team by TEN at least!”

  • Att32olb writes: “Rex Ryan sucks.....Sanchez Sucks.....Tebow Sucks......O line Sucks.....Greene Sucks....Jets Suck and Jets fans Suck......enough said.”

  • Slaughterhouse2008 writes: “Bush is going to tear up the Jets!!!”

Remember last week?