Bills want more support in Toronto

The Buffalo Bills slashed ticket prices for their annual regular season game in Toronto, the team announced. Buffalo will "host" the Seattle Seahawks on Dec. 16 at the Rogers Center.

Tickets have been reduced by at least 51 percent across the board. There are obvious reasons the Bills want more butts in the seats in Toronto. But I think the underlying reason Buffalo is attacking this game so aggressively is it could be huge for the team's potential playoff push.

The Bills are being picked by many to make the postseason in 2012. December is a crucial month, and Buffalo is giving away a home date at Ralph Wilson Stadium to play in Toronto.

I went to Buffalo's game in Toronto last year against the Washington Redskins, and the turnout wasn't overwhelming. The Rogers Center definitely was not full, and I can recall some grumblings that week from Bills players, who know the value of playing at home.

Fortunately for Buffalo, the Bills have just one true road game in December and another traveling game in Toronto. If the Bills can move more tickets to make Toronto feel closer to Ralph Wilson Stadium in December, it could turn out to be meaningful.