Poll: Mike Goodson's future with Jets

One of the New York Jets' biggest free-agent signings this offseason is in hot water before he plays his first game with the team. Running back Mike Goodson, who was expected to compete for the starting job, was arrested Friday in New Jersey on drug and weapons charges.

That brings me to our latest poll question: What should the Jets do with Goodson? First-year general manager John Idzik has a tough decision to make with the running back.

Should Idzik cut Goodson immediately? The Jets signed Goodson to a three-year, $6.9 million contract. The Jets most likely will be out of the $1 million signing bonus they paid up front in this scenario, especially if Goodson is cut before the legal process runs its course. But it could be worth it for Idzik to set a tone with the Jets that the circus is coming to an end and bad off-the-field behavior will not be tolerated.

Will the Jets wait for all the details? The season does not start until September. New York has several months to wait and see how Goodson’s legal issues play out. Perhaps Goodson has a good explanation and a good lawyer to get rid of this situation. The Jets could take a wait-and-see approach until they know all the facts.

Or should New York keep Goodson on the team regardless? The Jets were awful on offense last season and cannot afford to lose talented players on that side of the football. Goodson is the team’s most explosive running back and appears to be a good fit for offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s West Coast scheme. Cutting Goodson would leave the Jets with tailbacks Chris Ivory, Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight, which is not a strong group.

Using our SportsNation poll, vote on how the Jets should handle this recent incident with Goodson. You can also share your thoughts in the comment section below.