Morning take: Brandon Jacobs to Jets?

Here are the most interesting stories Tuesday morning in the AFC East:

  • Would New York Giants tailback and pending free agent Brandon Jacobs be a fit for the Jets?

Morning take: The Jets already have a big back in Shonn Greene, so I don't see it as a good fit. The Jets need more of a home-run hitter at the position instead of Jacobs.

Morning take: I like that Buffalo is being aggressive. Routt was cut by the Raiders, and the Bills were one of the first teams looking to upgrade their cornerback position. This also gives you an idea of where Buffalo thinks it needs to get better.

Morning take: Everyone sees New England going defense with the first two picks, and for good reason. I think the only exception is if there is a stud wide receiver available late in the first round.

Morning take: It's hard to predict free agents when there's a coaching change. You don't know which players the coach likes and doesn't like. But Carey is a solid guard worth keeping. The Dolphins already need a right tackle.