Kiper: Buffalo best fit for Cam Newton

ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper takes a look at some of the sexier offensive prospects in this year's draft class and tries to play matchmaker.

Rather than predict which team will draft them, Kiper explains where these players would have the best career fits.

He claimed Auburn quarterback Cam Newton would be ideal for the Buffalo Bills.

"We've talked about Cam Newton needing some time, coming out of Auburn, that simplistic offense, that one year at the major-college level as a starting quarterback," Kiper said. "He needs to settle in and evolve into an NFL quarterback.

"They have Ryan Fitzpatrick in Buffalo, who Chan Gailey has a very high opinion of. That would allow Newton to be the heir apparent to Ryan Fitzpatrick in Buffalo, and not since Jim Kelly have they had that kind of juice at the quarterback position. They need that excitement, that electric personality that Cam Newton brings to the Buffalo Bills."

Kiper also analyzes Alabama running back Mark Ingram, a popular choice among mock draftniks to land with the Miami Dolphins. Kiper disagrees, saying there's an NFL team that could utilize Ingram better.