Poll results: Tim Tebow will make Patriots

The New England Patriots rocked the football world last week when they signed immensely popular quarterback Tim Tebow to a two-year contract. But one of the underrated aspects of the signing is Tebow has no guaranteed money, and New England can cut the quarterback without penalty.

With that said, we ran an AFC East poll last Friday on whether Tebow will make New England’s 53-man roster. The results were overwhelming. After more than 7,000 votes, nearly 70 percent of our AFC East community predicts Tebow is good enough to make the Patriots’ final roster.

It would be an interesting turnaround for Tebow. Just last week he was a player on the scrap heap that nobody wanted. Not even the talent-deprived New York Jets, who are rebuilding and need all the talent they can get, wanted nothing to do with Tebow on their roster. However, Tebow has a solid chance to make the 53-man roster of the Patriots, the reigning AFC East champs.

New England did not carry a third quarterback last season. The Patriots went with future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady and young backup Ryan Mallett, while they used the extra roster spot on another position.

However, a versatile player like Tebow could contribute in a lot of different ways. In addition to being a third quarterback, Tebow also can fill in at H-back, tight end and special teams. Tebow also is adept at running the Wildcat package, although it probably would be unwise for New England to take Brady off the field for any amount of plays.