Ty Law tells Jets how to defend Steelers

Former New England Patriots and New York Jets cornerback Ty Law sat down with ESPN reporter Michael Smith to preview Sunday's championship games.

Law gave extra emphasis to the Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers matchup because he and Revis graduated from Aliquippa High, which is about 25 miles from Pittsburgh.

Law recommended the Jets place Ravis on Steelers speed-burner Mike Wallace to eliminate the possibility of a game-breaking play.

"He can hit you for 65, 70 yards and the total dynamic of the game has changed," Law said. "I would put Darrelle to neutralize that because I think Antonio Cromartie can handle Hines Ward and anybody else that they put out there. You have to take care of Mike Wallace for the big play."

Not surprisingly, Law predicts the Jets will win Sunday at Heinz Field. In case you were wondering, Law did not grow up a Steelers fan. He was a Dallas Cowboys fan because Tony Dorsett also is from near Aliquippa.