Morning take: Henne vs. Tannehill

Here are the most interesting stories Sunday in the AFC East:

  • Can Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Chan Henne return to Miami and beat his former team?

Morning take: If Henne returns with the lowly Jaguars (2-11) and beats Miami, this would probably be the low point of Miami’s season. The Dolphins (5-8) need to finish strong this season and continue to develop their young quarterback: Ryan Tannehill.

Morning take: Branch played a little option quarterback in high school. Those skills came to use in practice this week. New England has a young and athletic front seven who covers sideline to sideline pretty well.

  • Both receiver Braylon Edwards (hamstring) and backup quarterback Tim Tebow (ribs) are expected to play for the New York Jets.

Morning take: New York is fighting for a playoff spot and need all hands on deck Monday against the Tennessee Titans. This will be a tougher game than most expect for New York.

Morning take: It’s been five years and I don’t think the Bills’ Toronto series has met expectations. The most important issue for the Bills is to get its stadium situation sorted out next year.