Chad Johnson likely seals NFL fate

Chad Johnson is going to jail this summer for violating his probation. In the process, the former Pro Bowl receiver can probably kiss any last chance at the NFL goodbye.

Johnson’s antics got him in more trouble Monday. At what was supposed to be a routine court visit to clear up a “miscommunication,” according to Johnson, turned into a 30-day jail sentence after the judge didn’t think Johnson was taking the situation seriously.

Johnson entered a plea deal that initially didn’t require jail time. But the flamboyant receiver angered the judge by playfully patting his lawyer on the butt during the hearing, according to the Associated Press. Johnson apologized but still received a 30-day jail sentence.

If Johnson wanted to prove to NFL teams that he’s matured, he did a poor job of it Monday. The 35-year old couldn’t stop being a showman, even in a serious environment like the court of law. In turn, can a team trust Johnson to be serious on the football field?

Before violating probation I thought Johnson still had a small chance of getting an NFL call this summer. It only takes one team and a few injuries at wide receiver. But Johnson had virtually no margin for error.

Johnson not taking his court appearance seriously and going to jail for 30 days stepped over those boundaries. It would be surprising if we see Johnson in the NFL again after this latest incident.