Titans' Antonio Andrews upsets Browns by posting video of blindside hit

Andrews defends his hit on Browns' Poyer (0:22)

The Titans' Antonio Andrews defends his hit on the Browns' Jordan Poyer saying it was a clean hit. (0:22)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A blindside block on Sunday left Cleveland’s Jordan Poyer in the hospital with a lacerated kidney. The player flagged for the hit, Titans reserve running back Antonio Andrews, posted video of it on Instagram with a caption "relentless," angering several Browns -- including the head coach.

"I've heard about it," coach Hue Jackson said of the social media post. "Saw it. That's disappointing to me. That's one of our players. I think there's a code among players in the National Football League. That young man suffered a serious injury, so I don't think that's something to celebrate. I would hope that [Andrews] reaches out to Jordan and maybe explain why it even went that far."

Titans coach Mike Mularkey has said he didn't view the play as worthy of a penalty. Jackson agreed the hit came on a football play on which Andrews had no ill intent.

However, the Browns did not take kindly to Andrews' post, stepping up to defend Poyer, who announced on Twitter he was released from a Nashville hospital Tuesday and had to drive to Cleveland because he was not allowed to fly with the condition.

"I hope that's not a feeling that he really has, talking about the player from Tennessee," Jackson said. "I think Jordan kind of took that personally."

He’s been placed on injured reserve.

Browns receiver Terrelle Pryor was among the Cleveland players who took offense to Andrews' post.

"It kind of angered me," Pyror said to Browns reporters. "If you're going head up with a man face to face and he sees you, you see him, all right, cool.

"But if you're a special-teams guy and you're popping that stuff on there like you're some type of superhero or something just because you're hitting a guy blindsided and you think that's cool, that's where the problem comes in.

"So I think he should stay to his special teams and what he does and don't post stuff when a man's not looking and taking a hit like that."

"The only thing I didn't like was when the guy posted it, bragging," Pryor added. "Relentless. What is relentless about that? Hitting the guy, another man, when he's not looking? I don't want to get into it because right now it's about Cincinnati and that. But I love Poyer like a brother, and that really angered me. We can go to the next question, but that was bullcrap.”