AFC North mailbag

After spending the past several days at the NFL combine, let's get to some questions.

Kovacs from Santa Monica wants to know if Washington Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell is a potential fit for the Cleveland Browns.

James Walker: The Browns are searching for quarterbacks, but Campbell is not one of them, Kovacs. Campbell struggled to handle Jim Zorn's West Coast-based offense in Washington. The Browns have yet to confirm or reach a consensus within their team, but it's likely their offense will have a lot of the same West Coast principles.

Adam from Baltimore writes: Wouldn't Tim Tebow make a good fit for the Baltimore Ravens? I saw you rated the draft possibility as "low." But considering they need to fill a tight end spot and Troy Smith wants out, I feel drafting Tebow could kill two birds with one stone.

Walker: Thanks for the question, Adam. I attended Tebow's combine interview in Indianapolis, and he made it clear that he wants to be drafted as a quarterback. Why else would Tebow be working so hard to improve his mechanics? Plus, you have to block often to play tight end in the physical AFC North and that's an awful fit. (Tebow versus Aaron Smith or Haloti Ngata? I don't think so.) Right now draft projections have Tebow anywhere between the second and third round, and Baltimore has too many other needs like receiver, tight end and cornerback to spend such a high pick on a second- or third-string quarterback.

Ken from Long Beach, CA, wants to know if the Cincinnati Bengals have any interest in a running back like Jahvid Best from the University of California.

Walker: The Bengals are set at running back this year, Ken. Cedric Benson gained more than 1,200 yards and the team likes the potential of 2009 draft pick Bernard Scott. I anticipate that being Cincinnati's tailback pairing going into next season. The Bengals need to work on improving their passing game via the draft and free agency more than anything.

Brian from Holly Springs, NC, writes: Interesting comment about the Pittsburgh Steelers wheeling and dealing. Do you see a possibility of them moving up to try and grab Florida cornerback Joe Haden?

Walker: Pittsburgh has proven that all things are possible on draft day. The Steelers have recently moved up and down the draft board on a given year. So I wouldn't rule out Pittsburgh moving up a few spots from No. 18 to get someone it really likes. Haden likely remains a top 10 pick even with an average workout Tuesday. He probably will have a better Pro Day on his turf and his terms. So Haden could be too costly to move up. But if a player drops somewhere in that 12-15 range that the Steelers feel is a top 10 talent, that's more likely.