Take your pick: Terrell Owens

As former Cleveland Browns general manager Phil Savage aptly put it a few years ago, this time of year is officially "silly season" in the NFL.


OwensWith free agency just days away and the NFL draft in April, rumors are flying and a majority of them will never come to fruition.

But with that said, one of the hottest rumors circulating in the AFC North is two division teams' interest in pending free-agent receiver Terrell Owens. So in our latest version of "Take your pick," we ask our community if T.O. is a better fit for the Baltimore Ravens or Cincinnati Bengals?

It's no secret that both teams need receivers, and Owens is an unrestricted free agent. Would his playmaking mesh better in Cincinnati with quarterback Carson Palmer or with Baltimore's Joe Flacco?

Can the Bengals handle a player like Owens, who will be paired with good friend Chad Ochocinco? For Baltimore, is Owens still good enough to be a No. 1 receiver who would likely pair with the dependable Derrick Mason?

Owens, of course, will have several options and could go elsewhere. But take your pick on which AFC North team would be best for T.O. as free agency begins on Friday.

You can leave your comments below or in our division inbox, and we will run the best responses throughout the week.