Five questions with... Marvin White

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

The AFC North version of the Blog Network caught up with Cincinnati Bengals safety Marvin White to discuss, among other things, training camp and talking trash with teammate Chad Johnson.

1. How different is training camp now compared to your rookie year in 2007?

Marvin White: Your first year you don't know what to expect. You have a lot of excitement going on, and you burn a lot of energy your first year because you're trying to go so hard and impress your coaches. In your second year you know you have to impress your coaches but it's a lot easier. The transition is easier.

2. How do you handle increased expectations coming into this season as a projected starter?

MW: It doesn't really change too much, because I wanted to be a starter last year. But I'm going to be a starter now, so it allows me more responsibility. I just have to carry myself a little different manner. I have to handle myself more as a pro because eyes are going to be on me this year.

3. I saw you on the sidelines trash-talking pretty hard with Chad Johnson this week. Give me details.

MW: (Smiles) You know how Chad is. He brings a lot of excitement to the game, and who wouldn't want to go against a guy like Chad? He's a Pro Bowl-type guy, and that's what I want. I want to compete against that type of guy and see where I match up. So it's a little bit of trash talking, but it's the competitor coming out of me.

4. You played both baseball and basketball in high school. At which sport were you most successful?

MW: I would say basketball. I was a McDonalds All-American, and that kind of helps me with my man-coverage skills. I played small forward and sometimes the two-guard. I was a scorer, most definitely. I averaged, like, 25 (points) a game. Actually, I played against (Boston Celtics forward) Glen Davis in the state championship game in Louisiana.

5. What have you learned from veteran teammate Dexter Jackson?

White: Ah, man, I learn a lot from Dex because Dex has been around a while. He knows formations and he knows what's coming before it even happens. Plus, he's won a Super Bowl so he's been in these type of situations. I'm coming in as a second-year, projected starter. So he shows me the ropes, how to be a starter, and how to be a pro and take care of my body. He teaches things to help you last longer in the NFL.