Voice of the People II

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

This is insane.

Everyone has something to say this week leading up to the AFC Championship Game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens.

So much is the case that we're running another version of "Voice of the People" to have your opinions heard before the big game.

That's right: Two in one day. That's a record.


On the Pittsburgh Steelers ...

Casey from the Burgh writes: James I cannot believe Brownie fans are calling me out for writing about their team's terrible decision making! If I think about the Steelers-New Browns AFC Champ game this Sunday my head will explode. My gut says the Stillers can take it and are in a much better position to do so, but I am a superstitious fan. I haven't worn anything black and gold since game day and in general I am about as confident as a field mouse concerning our playoff chances. But seriously James, I would be hurt by these comments if the Browns had even a modicum of success against my black and gold or in the league in general. Get a Lombardi and then we'll see what's what and who's who. Til' then, knock off the shenanigans.

Lee Martinez writes: I was watching OTL and did I really hear you compare, James Harrison to Demarcus Ware? Demarcus Ware just started his carrer and he will be a two time pro bowler, and you are comparing the two. Saying that "they would do the same for their current teams it they switched.” WOW talk about the over statement of the decade.

Steelergurl from Laurel, Md., writes: Sure, most hated Steeler no surprise...but ask the ladies out there, bet they say he's the most loved. As for me, Steelergurl [loves] 3 Hines ward...

Alex from Pittsburgh writes: It is funny to see how fans of a team that wins with the help of officials try to overcompensate by jumping through hoops to justify their victory. Personally, I look at sports officiating as a part of the game. Missed calls, non-calls, bad calls, they all must be dealt with by both teams. My guess is if the Steelers win Sunday, the Ravens fans will be whining about the officiating for the next 25 years.

On the Baltimore Ravens ...

Dave from Baltimore writes: James, I think for every one Ravens fan who complains about a lack of respect, there are ten Steelers fans who complain about the complaint. There were actually no Ravens fans complaining about this in your last VOP and mailbags, yet each had a Steelers fan complaining about us complaining. Who is really whining more? And to Greg from Providence, the reason the line on this game keeps going up is because the bookies don't like it when everyone bets on one team, in this case the Steelers. So really, most of the gambling public is confidently predicting the Steelers will win. And so is the majority of the media outside of Baltimore. And before you complain about my complaining, I'm not complaining. Just stating the facts. And it's not a sign of disrespect. I love my Ravens and if I weren't a fan, I would predict the Steelers too. 2 bye weeks, home field and health vs. no bye week a road game and major health issues? That being said, you all should be totally ashamed of your team if they lose.

Brandon from Baltimore writes: Hey, John from Fort Myers, FL, you are whining. Maybe the AFC North should get attention instead of just the steelers. The Ravens have not gotten any respect, but be you posting A WHOLE post complaining about the Ravens fans complaining isnt tht a counter negative? Don't hate, appreciate.

Eric from Baltimore writes: The ravens dont need respect and i dont care if the media gives it to us. what i am tired of is you always posting comments by steelers fans bashing the ravens. how about you put some comments by a ravens fan bashing the steelers????

Reader from Charm City, D.C., writes: I read your blog everyday and it's awesome. I just want to thank you for posting every Steelers fan's comments about how the Ravens fans are whining too much about respect. I am a Ravens fan and I can't stand it. Respect is earned and few good season doesn't mean we should be picked as the favorite for every game and that ESPN should turn into Respect The Ravens TV. A few reasons you don't hear about the ravens. No one likes watching defense except football enthusiast and Ravens fans(steelers fans too). Everyone would rather watch a 50 yard bomb to Boldin, then a sack by Suggs. The Ravens organization is pretty much drama free EX. Dallas, NY. I made a statement many weeks ago about how the only media attention we need is the fact the Raven Queitly won their way into the super bowl. That statement is now so close to reality. Either way what a great season, and what a promising future.

On the Cincinnati Bengals ...

Luke from Greenville, Ohio, writes: I honestly believe that Mike Brown doesn't care about winning. I have a theory. The reason why we have been showing off an explosive offensive and a lack of defense is because thats what sells tickets. Without Palmer,Chad Ocho Cinco and Housh we wouldnt sell tickets. Mike Brown only cares about money. He is okay with being average every year because it's just enough to sell tickets. Why do the fans of this team always lose? Mike doesn't care if he did he would change his philosophy that has only worked ONCE IN HIS WHOLE CAREER AS OWNER OF THE BENGALS!

On the Cleveland Browns ...

Will from Tampa writes: Remove the football aspect, and the cities of Cleveland and Pittsburgh would still have hate for one another: it's a matter of geographic proximity and similar backgrounds. That's why the rivalry makes sense, JW, even if the Browns haven't been backing it up on the field since their return. Interesting note about the rivalry, though (which I'm sure you're aware of, but it bears mentioning): it took the Browns losing every matchup to the Steelers for 5+ seasons for Pittsburgh to tie the all-time series between the teams. This is an embarrassingly bad run going on for Cleveland, but sports is cyclical.

Chris from Cleveland writes: To all you pittsburgh, baltimore, and bengals fans, stop giving cleveland crap. you have no idea what it is like to have to put up with a losing team year in and year out, and never go into a season with expectations to build on what little success they might have been able to scrape the year before. cleveland is a great city, and the fans here deserve a winner, because they are out there in 10 degree weather with snow cheering on their team, who 9 out of 10 times has been eliminated from playoff contention. so just shut up and worry about your own cities.