Scouts Inc. on ... Heath Miller

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker
Miller In this week's visit to the film room, we check in with Scouts Inc. to get their take on Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Heath Miller, who has come on strong in the postseason. Miller has six catches for 99 yards and a touchdown in two games. He is averaging 16.5 yards per catch in the playoffs.

Here is comprehensive film analysis from Scouts Inc.'s Keith Kidd:

There's tight ends I call "three-dimensional" that can be receivers, edge setters and pass-pro guys. To me, Heath is one of those players. What's so unique about him is his ability to get off the line of scrimmage and be very effective as a two-level tight end. He's very instinctive. He has a great feel as far as where to find the soft areas, and I think his speed is somewhat deceptive as he puts pressure on defenders getting downfield. Now, he's not a deep threat who will get behind the defense. But he's very dangerous in the short and intermediate areas. He has very soft hands and when he catches it, he's very powerful running in open space. His blocking is not elite, but it's consistent. He's probably average or above average. Miller, like most guys, can get into people and knows how to position and cut off defenders. But he sometimes struggles to consistently finish the play. But I think he does enough to be very effective at doing it.