Morning take: The Roethlisberger dilemma

Here are the most interesting stories Thursday in the AFC North:

  • With the potential legal situation facing Ben Roethlisberger, should the Pittsburgh Steelers acquire another quarterback "just in case."

Morning take: Right now time is on Pittsburgh's side. That's a plus in this situation, in which the Steelers have five weeks before the NFL draft to gather all the facts and establish an educated plan of action.

Morning take: It's a lot easier when you're coming off a Super Bowl victory with the New Orleans Saints. But Fujita's goal is to bring a winning mentality and toughness to Cleveland's defense.

  • Is receiver Antonio Bryant the missing link to the offense of the Cincinnati Bengals?

Morning take: This signing helps, but the Bengals still have work to do. Tight end and offensive guard are still big needs.

  • Meanwhile, the situation for Baltimore Ravens backup quarterback Troy Smith remains in limbo.

Morning take: For a fifth-round tender, someone will take a chance on Smith. But the trade market and unrestricted free agents are taking precedent early.