Walker's weekend mailbag

Let's see what's in our AFC North inbox this weekend.

Rory Allen from Washington D.C. writes: James, why would the Cleveland Browns even consider Jake Delhomme?

James Walker: Delhomme is a veteran with winning experience, and I think those qualities are important to president Mike Holmgren in these early stages. One of the hardest things to do for a struggling franchise is to change the losing culture. So Holmgren is looking at free agents like Delhomme and linebacker Scott Fujita, for instance, who have played and won big games. Of course, Delhomme's age (35), past injuries and recent performances are major question marks.

Steve from Erie, PA, wants to know what the chances are of the Browns landing Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Walker: I've been told for weeks the Browns like Kolb. He might even be their ideal choice. But the Eagles like Kolb as well and consider him their quarterback of the future. Therefore, to pry Kolb away is going to be extremely costly, and I'm not sure the Browns are willing to pay that price.

Travis from Lebanon, IL, writes: Is Seneca Wallace truly an answer for Cleveland?

Walker: No. Wallace is a career backup who could help in relief but probably not as a full-time starter. I don't feel he can lead the Browns to a Super Bowl or the playoffs, if that's how you define "truly an answer."

Josh J. wants to know if Antwaan Randle El or Mike Wallace will be the No. 3 receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Walker: It's too early to tell this one. But without stepping on the field at this point, Wallace has done nothing to lose his spot, and he's only going to get better in his second year. Randle El may see playing time in certain situations. But he will need to do a lot in offseason camps to put Wallace on the bench.

Richard from Beijing, China, writes: What two divisions will the AFC North play in the 2010 season? How will teams in the AFC North match up against them?

Walker: The AFC North has the NFC South, which includes the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints, and the AFC East next season. On paper the AFC North should match up well. But let's wait until every team finishes drafting and signing free agents before making any predictions.

Jordan from Annapolis, MD, wants to know if the Baltimore Ravens will go defense in the first round.

Walker: With the moves Baltimore made in free agency to re-sign receiver Derrick Mason, sign Donte' Stallworth and trade for Anquan Boldin, the team has good flexibility to go either way. The Ravens could use another tight end or receiver, but it's not nearly as pressing. If they want to get a top cornerback they like or another pass rusher in the first round, it could work for them because of the moves they already made.

Terence from Baltimore writes: Is there a realistic chance that the Ravens could draft Texas WR Jordan Shipley in the first round?

Walker: Nope. The first round is too high for Shipley. I also think he's somewhat overhyped as a pure NFL receiver.

Brian Marietta, GA, wants to know if the Cincinnati Bengals will still sign receiver Terrell Owens.

Walker: That's not in the Bengals' plan. The choice was either Antonio Bryant or Owens, not both. Cincinnati made its choice and basically gave Bryant the same money it gave Laveranues Coles last year.

Mark Olding from Battle Creek, Michigan, writes: With the injury concerns surrounding TE Jermaine Gresham from Oklahoma. Do you think the Bengals may test another year with Daniel Coats, J.P. Foschi, and last year's hopeful Chase Coffman?

Walker: If they do, it could be a mistake. The Bengals are coming off an AFC North title. They're in position to win now and should address the tight end position in some form. It's not to say Coffman cannot eventually develop. But why not sure things up in the draft if it's there for the taking?