Weekend mailbag (with a twist)

Since everyone has been so cooperative with our recent mental challenges, I'm going to return the favor and challenge myself Saturday.

I'm going to try to answer every question from our mailbag this weekend in exactly seven words.

Wish me luck.

Dustan from Ephrata, Pa., writes: Do you think that Pittsburgh's free-agent spending and signings changed their draft strategy?

James Walker: Pittsburgh still needs offensive linemen and cornerbacks.

Magus from Kennesaw, Ga., writes: What does Mike Holmgren see in Jake Delhomme?

Walker: Delhomme is a winner with playoff experience.

Chris from Twinsburg, Ohio, writes: Do you think there are any chances of the Pittsburgh Steelers taking Tim Tebow in the NFL draft as insurance if something happens with Ben Roethlisberger?

Walker: Considering your location, I question your loyalties.

Michael from Marysville, Ohio, wants to know the latest on the contract extension of Bengals coach Marvin Lewis.

Walker: It's a struggle over philosophy, personnel decisions.

Ken from Long Beach, Calif., writes: Has Terrell Owens been Marvin Harrisoned?

Walker: I'm not even sure what that means.

Roger Wagoner from Jacksonville writes: You are going to be very surprised when Matt Jones takes over the No. 2 WR spot on the Bengals, because he is and will be better than Antonio Bryant...You heard it first from me!

Walker: I have three words: Remember the offseason?

Renato Cozzarelli from Brazil wants to know if Larry Foote will take over Lawrence Timmons’ starting job?

Walker: Timmons is younger, more athletic than Foote.

Farsh14 from Twitter writes: How come your Twitter photo isn't one of your mugshot like on ESPN.com?

Walker: I'm not handsome enough for multiple mugs.

Pete from Baltimore, Md., writes: The Bengals have never incorporated the tight end into their offensive scheme much as a pass-catcher in the past, including the great offenses in Cincinnati from 2005-2007. So why do they need one now?

Walker: How many playoff games did Cincinnati win?

Eddie from Brunswick, Ohio, writes: Are the Cleveland Browns going to address the void at right guard that they've had FOREVER?

Walker: I predict Seattle's Rob Sims to Cleveland.

Demiko Aiken from Belford Towers, Md., writes: I am Proud of you Man!!!

Walker: Good looking out. We grew up together.

Cory from Cincinnati writes: Do you think we should pick up tight end Aaron Hernandez?

Walker: Hernandez could stretch the field for Cincinnati.

Rick from Newton Falls, Ohio, writes: A lot of people have ruled out a Troy Smith pickup in Cleveland with what has happened over the past week, but I think it would be a GREAT sign.

Walker: I said for weeks Cleveland isn't interested.

Eric from Tucson, Ariz, writes: I am wondering why you gave these insane Browns fans a platform? I am a lifelong Browns fan, born and raised in Cleveland, and I am embarrassed by most of the Browns fans lack of intelligence and common sense. A quarterback can't prosper there because as soon as they have one bad game, the crowd turns on them. Browns fans in general do not deserve a championship.

Walker: Are you Derek Anderson using an alias?