Take your pick: Anderson or Quinn?

You're thinking you've probably done this before, right?

Well, think again.

QuinnQuinnAndersonAndersonLast offseason one of the most prevalent questions in the AFC North was who would win the starting quarterback job for the Cleveland Browns between Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn?

Now that both players are no longer on the team, we ask our AFC North community something different. We want to know which former Brown will go on to have the most successful career?

Both players are young and have a chance to compete for new teams. Anderson is with the Arizona Cardinals, where he has great receivers but first has to unseat Matt Leinart. Quinn is with the Denver Broncos where Kyle Orton currently is the starter.

Will either player lead their team to the playoffs at some point or even a Super Bowl?

So take your pick between Anderson and Quinn, and tell us why one former Brown will have a better career than the other. You can send your responses below, to the division inbox, or our increasingly popular AFC North Twitter page, and we will run the best responses this week.