Breaking down college QBs

Two weeks ago, the AFC North blog took a deeper look at prospects with help from the well-respected draft guide of Pro Football Weekly. With so much recent talk about quarterbacks and the Cleveland Browns, we decided to revisit this concept Wednesday.

In taking Browns president Mike Holmgren at his word and assuming he won't take a quarterback in the first round, we are leaving potential top-10 quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen off this list.

But here is a look at scouting reports for the rest of the bunch who are considered possible targets for Cleveland:

Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

PFW positives: Super smart, experienced four-year starter who exits Texas as the winningest quarterback in NCAA history. Very good short accuracy. Tough and extremely competitive. Very good intangibles.

PFW negatives: Is too easily rattled in the pocket and appeared very uncomfortable against pressure. ... Too often drifts in the pocket in a simple offense. Does not go through progressions and uses a sidearm, slinging release that leads to balls being batted down at the line.

Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan

PFW positives: Experienced, four-year starter who has an "it" factor. [He's] a competitive gamer with the mobility and lateral quickness to create some plays with his feet and sustain drives. Is resourceful and has proven he could win some big games.

PFW negatives: Operates primarily out of the gun in a dink-and-dunk offense. Not a confident decision maker and will over-think his reads, making some very questionable, boneheaded decisions.

Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

PFW positives: Exceptionally tough, rugged competitor with outstanding leadership qualities. Rare work ethic, drive and determination. Can deliver with touch. Clutch performer.

PFW negatives: Has inconsistent passing mechanics with a hitch that will be difficult to correct, consistently dropping the ball low with a slow, elongated delivery. ... Is too jittery when he is forced to cycle through his reads.

Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati

PFW positives: Is smart and makes good decisions. Has enough arm talent to connect downfield. Is deceptively athletic and can buy some time with his feet in the pocket. Good timing and anticipation.

PFW negatives: Durability has been suspect -- broke his left forearm as a junior and again as a senior. Confidence wanes, is not an inspiring, fiery leader who can command the huddle.

Now that you know each quarterback's strengths and weaknesses, which player should the Browns take in next month's NFL draft?