What about Brett Ratliff?

Cleveland cannot stop discussing the Browns' quarterback situation.

But there is one name that never comes up in the conversation: Brett Ratliff.

RatliffRatliffRemember him?

"Ratty" was brought to Cleveland last year in a trade with the New York Jets. Some felt Ratliff might eventually earn a starting role in Cleveland if Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson faltered.

Well, Quinn and Anderson are no longer with the Browns. Yet, Ratliff is lost in the mix and not in the conversation. The reason is Ratliff is a Eric Mangini favorite and a product of the head coach.

With new Browns president Mike Holmgren now running the show, he has no connection or personal investment in Ratliff. The third-year quarterback is just a third-stringer to Holmgren, currently sitting behind expected starter Jake Delhomme and No. 2 quarterback Seneca Wallace.

If (or when) the Browns draft a rookie quarterback next month, Ratliff will find himself competing for a roster spot with three others at the same position. Delhomme and Wallace are safe, and Ratliff's chances of beating out a Holmgren draft pick are extremely slim, especially if it's a well-regarded prospect such as Colt McCoy or Dan LeFevour, for example.

With Anderson and Quinn already moved, would anyone really be surprised if Holmgren completed the trifecta by adding three new quarterbacks to the roster in 2010?