Steelers' draft picks

After acquiring three compensatory picks this week, the Pittsburgh Steelers are now second in the AFC North with 10 total draft picks.

Here is a breakdown of each selection:

Round 1: No. 18 overall

Round 2: No. 52 overall

Round 3: No. 82 overall

Round 4: No. 116 overall

Round 5: No. 151 overall

Round 5: No. 164 overall

Round 5: No. 166 overall

Round 6: No. 188 overall

Round 7: No. 225 overall

Round 7: No. 242 overall

Can 10 rookies make a veteran-laden team such as the Steelers? It's doubtful.

Therefore, Pittsburgh may find itself in position to move up in the NFL draft to select a player (or players) the team covets. In recent years the Steelers have shown the ability to move up and down the draft.