NFL draft value chart

With the unpredictability of the NFL draft, we are getting a lot of questions in our AFC North inbox about the cost of moving up and down.

ESPN.com has the draft value chart many NFL teams use to help determine what's a fair trade. Of course, teams may give a little or get a little to make deals happen. But this should give you a general idea of what teams are thinking.

Here is a recent example that's been presented from our community:

    If the Pittsburgh Steelers want to move up from No. 18 overall (900) to No. 14 (1,100), presumably to get Florida cornerback Joe Haden, they approximately have to trade their first-rounder, third-rounder and a sixth-rounder.

We received a bunch of scenarios, but you get the idea.

So grab a calculator and go crazy with this chart to figure out what's realistic for your favorite team to move up or down on draft day.