Five words or less recap

We had an interesting photo and an overwhelming response to our latest version of "Five words or less." The blog post included this shot of Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh and Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Here is a heavy sample from our AFC North inbox:

  • "Do you get free ketchup?"

  • "Yinz need Ray's advice?"

  • "Why didn't Wannstedt play Flacco?"

  • "Primanti Bros wouldn't serve me!"

  • "Bill made them behave, Mike."

  • "Give Harrison back to us!"

  • "Why does Hines always smile?"

  • "You lost to the Browns?"

  • "We're playing for second place."

  • "Carson owned us twice, too!"

  • "John, please start Frank Walker."

  • "Why not try a FB?"

  • "You know we have Anquan?"

  • "No, I'm John. Jim's brother."

  • "Name three good Browns?"

  • "Every Pittsburgh team -- same colors?"

  • "Glad Walker covers our division."

  • "Troy Reed or Ed Polamalu?"

  • "My team is distraction free."

  • "Holmgren's gonna kick our butt."

  • "Watch out for Cleveland in 2015."

  • "We got dibs on Tebow."

  • "Wanna play Madden after this?"

  • "How heavy is the Lombardi?"

  • "What's with the chinstrap?"

  • "Boys will be boys, Mike!"

  • "Bengals swept you too, huh?"

  • "Rice for Mendenhall? You wish!"

  • "I can't win can I?"

  • "Congrats on playoffs...Wait, nevermind."