Scouts Inc. on Chase Coffman

The Cincinnati Bengals are hoping for significant strides in Year 2 from tight end Chase Coffman. The 2009 third-round pick could not overcome a foot injury that kept him out for the season.

CoffmanCoffmanIf the Bengals do not make any significant additions at tight end, Coffman might end up as the starter for the defending AFC North champs. Therefore, we recently caught up with Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson to get a report on Coffman.

Here is what Williamson had to say about the second-year tight end:

  • "It's two-fold. You don’t know what you have in Coffman, and he would've been a higher pick had he not had injuries coming out of Missouri. But he's also pretty one-dimensional. You look at what the Bengals ask out of the tight-end position over the years, and it's blocker first. That’s not who Chase Coffman was, and that's not who he is. So it’s hard to get an evaluation of what they want to do at the position. A year ago they drafted Coffman. So maybe you think they're going to start throwing the ball to that position and using the tight end more as a receiver. Then their tight ends get hurt, so it's kind of hard to say what their intentions are. If the Bengals love their wide receivers, they could just use their tight ends to block, where Coffman doesn’t fit very well. But if they understand they could add another pass receiver, Coffman might be a good fit."