Five words or less recap

This week's "Five words or less" blog involved a picture of the Cincinnati Bengals. The photo was of Pro Bowl receiver Chad Ochocinco laughing it up with head coach Marvin Lewis.

Here are some responses from our division inbox and AFC North Twitter:

  • "Margaritas on Revis Island?"

  • "T.O. thought we were serious!"

  • "Who starts? Carson or Jordan?"

  • "All this without a GM?"

  • "We were called Beavers!"

  • "Marvin, let me kick."

  • "Contract extension? I'm outta here."

  • "They think we're contenders. LOL!"

  • "Mike Brown signed Matt Jones!?!?"

  • "We play the Browns twice!"

  • "So Jerome is my replacement?"

  • "Told ya you couldn't dance!"

  • "They picked up Jake Delhomme?"

  • "I should've stayed in Baltimore."

  • "HOW were we division champs?"

  • "Look at James Walker!"

  • "Berry will fall to us!"

  • "The Eagles did what?"

  • "Consecutive winning seasons!"

  • "Goldstar over Skyline? Child, please!"

  • "Pittsburgh LOST to CLEVELAND?!"

  • "Steelers thought they'd sweep us."