Let's make a draft board

We are skipping Tuesday's "Morning take" because I need your help.

It's no secret that I believe our division has the most knowledgeable football fans. Therefore, this year I want to create our 2010 AFC North draft board.

The premise is simple, so listen up.

I have an important mock draft coming up this week for ESPN.com where I -- or better yet, we -- will make picks for each division team. In order to do this, I need everyone to send their top three players, in order, to our division inbox for your favorite team only.

Please be realistic. For example: If you're a Baltimore Ravens fan with the No. 25 pick, do not put Gerald McCoy in your top three. I will quickly dismiss it and relieve you of your duties as an AFC North scout.

I will tally as many of our community's top three targets as possible for the Cleveland Browns (No. 7), Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 18), Cincinnati Bengals (No. 21) and Ravens (No. 25), and that will count as 50 percent of our draft board. The other 50 percent will be my top three players for each team.

As general manager, I get final say on ties and close calls. But a smart GM sticks to his draft board, which I intend to do.

So let's combine our knowledge and prepare to select the best available players for the division. On Wednesday, I will present our final community board leading up to ESPN.com's mock draft.