Read this Terry Bradshaw story

Take a couple minutes out of your evening to read this interesting Terry Bradshaw story.

We received a lot of responses the past few weeks about Ben Roethlisberger and the state of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Michael from San Francisco decided to weigh in with his perspective.

Michael writes: This lifelong Steeler fan would take the "The Blonde Bomber" under center over any other Steeler QB, including Ben Roethlisberger. Terry is a good person. When I was a little boy he shopped at my parent's garden center. Terry used to play catch with me while his wife shopped. I was small for my age and my parents did not want me to play contact sports. I told Terry that my parents said I was "too small" to play football. Terry basically told me that was silly and that I could play football if I wanted as long as I worked hard. I never did get my parents to sign that slip, but I did have a decent amateur career in competitive martial arts and boxing. I credit Terry with giving me the confidence to train hard and to compete with bigger guys until I finally grew. I can't imagine any of these modern players taking the time to play catch with a young fan when there were no cameras rolling and actually giving the kid good advice. Terry was a huge positive influence in my life and that had nothing to do with the four Super Bowl titles he brought to my hometown.

Good story, Michael. Thanks for sharing it with the AFC North blog.