Morning take: Rivers talks remain sluggish

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

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Morning take: Although the distance can change at any moment, this is still a hard one to figure out. Part of me says there's no reason Rivers shouldn't have a deal in place, while another part of me says the Bengals are historically one of the NFL's most tight-pocketed teams. So, let's reserve judgment for now.

Morning take: The drafting of receiver Limas Sweed in the second round says it all the from the Steelers' perspective. If this doesn't light a fire under Reid, nothing will.

  • Edward Lee of the Baltimore Sun reports Ravens starting tight end Todd Heap hurt his calf and sat out of Sunday afternoon's practice.

Morning take: I'm running out of words to describe the Ravens' injuries. See the 20 previous "Morning Takes" for more insight.

Morning take: To go even further, Edwards and quarterback Derek Anderson are tailor-made for each other as two home-run hitters. Seeing the pair hook up again Friday in a game-like scenario for the first time this year brought flashbacks to Edwards' 16-touchdown season in 2007.