Can Cam Cameron keep everyone happy?

Anquan Boldin wants to ball.

So does Derrick Mason.

Pro Bowl tailback Ray Rice is a dual threat that can't be ignored. Neither can running backs Willis McGahee, nor Le'Ron McClain.

What about two-time Pro Bowl tight end Todd Heap? Oh, by the way, backup receivers Donte' Stallworth and Mark Clayton are former first-round picks.

Can the Baltimore Ravens possibly keep everyone happy on offense this upcoming season? This is the gift and the curse facing Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

Coming off a playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore general manager Ozzie Newsome made it a point to supply Cameron and budding quarterback Joe Flacco with as many offensive weapons as possible. And Newsome isn't done yet: He's expected to add another tight end and/or a receiver at some point in this week's NFL draft.

But once the front office does its part, it will be up to the coaching staff to make this chemistry experiment work. If handled properly, the city of Baltimore could have a strong Super Bowl contender on its hands in 2010.

But spreading the wealth will be key. In the past two seasons, Cameron's biggest challenge was getting enough carries for his three stud running backs. Now he has to worry about carries and opportunities for players in the passing game.

Of course, a majority of coaches would love to have this "problem." Nonetheless, it remains one storyline to watch in Baltimore this season.