AFC North mailbag: NFL draft

There are a lot of questions about the NFL draft this week. So let's try to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding your favorite teams.

Darrek from Medina, Ohio writes: What are the chances the Cleveland Browns trade up to No. 4 to get safety Eric Berry?

James Walker: They are exploring it, Darrek. Berry and Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford are the only two players Cleveland would trade up to get, but it will cost them. I feel it's more likely the Browns use the No. 7 pick or move down.

David from Irbil, Iraq, writes: How likely is it that Cleveland will draft quarterback Dan LeFevour in the second round as opposed to Colt McCoy?

Walker: The Browns like McCoy more than LeFevour, David. So McCoy is the pick in this scenario. I'm pretty sure LeFevour isn't a strong candidate for Cleveland with the No. 38 overall pick. Maybe in the third round or lower if the Browns don't land a quarterback before then.

Ryan from La Crosse, WI, wants to know why there is so much trade talk leading up to the draft involving Baltimore Ravens left tackle Jared Gaither.

Walker: In my opinion some of the talk has been overstated, Ryan, as though it's 100-percent guaranteed Gaither will be traded. I'd say it's a possibility, but it's not a promise. Gaither received a first-round tender. So he has one year left on his contract and wants a huge extension. The Ravens believe right tackle Michael Oher has just as much potential, if not more, to play in Gaither's spot long-term. So there is some differing opinions there that might result in an eventual parting of ways--if not this year, then maybe next year.

QPD from Las Vegas, NV, wants to know if the Pittsburgh Steelers will draft a big running back like Ryan Mathews or Toby Gerhart.

Walker: Matthews is likely out of the question, because he's a first- or early second-round prospect and Pittsburgh's need there isn't that high. Gerhart could be a good fit--not only for the Steelers but in this division in general. Pittsburgh struggled to get tough yards, particularly in the red zone, and Gerhart would be a great value pick for them in the third round if he's still there.

Josh from Port of Spain, Trinidad, writes: With Cleveland trading for a corner and the disappointing 40 time of Florida's Joe Haden, do you see any scenario where he could fall to Pittsburgh at No. 18?

Walker: Sure, Josh. It happened in Monday's blogger mock draft. I told you I was a great general manager.

Blake from Dayton, OH, wants to know if the Cincinnati Bengals are candidates to trade picks to move up in the first or second round.

Walker: The Bengals are not a "trade up" team, Blake, especially in the first round. The contracts are so expensive in the top half of the first round that it's something Cincinnati wants to avoid. The lower the round, the better the possibility. So anything after the first round is not out of the question, despite it not being Cincinnati's track record.