Will Browns draft Clausen or McCoy?

Could Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen, left, or Texas' Colt McCoy be available when the Browns are on the clock in the second round? US Presswire

It's no secret that the Cleveland Browns are searching for their long-term solution at quarterback.

So could Jimmy Clausen or Colt McCoy be the answer?

Cleveland patiently watched the draft board fall heavily in its favor Thursday night as two of the top-rated quarterbacks of this year's class landed into second round. The Denver Broncos’ surprising selection of Tim Tebow sent shockwaves throughout the NFL and perhaps sparked some celebration in the Browns' draft room.

Now Clausen and McCoy are there for the taking in Friday's second round, where Cleveland owns the sixth pick (No. 38 overall). The Browns have a legitimate chance to land either player and it would be hard to argue the type of value they'd get in return. Either prospect could sit a year in Cleveland and has the luxury to learn behind starter Jake Delhomme.

Clausen was projected by many to be a top-20 pick, while McCoy remains in his projected range of early in the second round. Cleveland president Mike Holmgren initially said he wasn't as impressed with Clausen as he'd like to be, although he somewhat backed off those statements recently. But Holmgren is in line with a lot of teams that weren't completely sold on the former Notre Dame star -- at least as a first-round pick.

McCoy is a player the Browns liked all along. He has tremendous accuracy and seems to be a great fit in a West Coast offense, which is a system Holmgren unequivocally believes in. Although the chances aren't great, it would be interesting to see who Cleveland would take at No. 38 if both players were available. An educated guess is the Browns might have Clausen rated higher on their draft board but still believe McCoy is the better fit for their offense.

A trade up Friday might be necessary.

Of the five teams ahead of Cleveland, the Minnesota Vikings (No. 34) and Kansas City Chiefs (No. 36) are both possibilities to take quarterbacks of the future. There are also teams like the Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders who may look to trade up and jump ahead of Cleveland for Clausen or McCoy.

Thursday's pick of former Florida cornerback Joe Haden was solid but didn't create much buzz in Cleveland. Yet, potentially adding a high-profile quarterback like McCoy or Clausen in the second round certainly adds excitement and intrigue to the Browns' 2010 draft class.