Reader Appreciation Day: Browns fans

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

As we continue Reader Appreciation Day in the AFC North, we make our next trip to the barking Dawg Pound of the Cleveland Browns.

Dear Browns fans,

I understand your struggles. Not only did your team flop among the highest expectations in a decade, but your biggest rival on the other end of the Pennsylvania Turnpike won its sixth championship. It doesn't get much worse for Cleveland fans.

You are some of the best fans in the NFL. You deserve better. You deserve a winner. The passion for the Browns never left despite a 4-12 record this year. There was some embarrassment from all the early trash talk, but you took it on the chin and kept it moving after your team didn't hold up its end.

New coach Eric Mangini has been met with a lot of skepticism, but be patient and see how it works out. Sit back and enjoy basketball season for now, because Cleveland has a once-in-a-generation athlete on your hands in LeBron James. By the time football season rolls around, maybe Mangini will have some things in place to turn the Browns around.

Either way we will be here to bring it all to you, Browns fans. Thanks again for checking the AFC North blog often throughout the year and making it a huge success.

Yours Truly,

James Walker