Reader Appreciation Day: Bengals fans

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

To wrap up our day-long celebration of Reader Appriciation Day, let's make our final stop in "The Jungle," home of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Dear Bengals fans,

Where have you been? After an 0-8 start, many of you disappeared. There wasn't much positive to report at that point, so perhaps you became tired of reading the bad news on this blog. But I have to keep it real here.

I even ventured the streets of Cincinnati to talk to Bengals fans and get a sense of your frustrations. You all are very down and fed up with your team. Many feel hopeless and numb to all the losing over the past 19 years, which is worse.

The good news is it's the offseason and the Bengals have a lot of high draft picks. There will be a lot of interest in your team and hopes of turning it around will become the primary focus.

So welcome back to the party, Bengals fans. You're still a part of our AFC North family.

Yours Truly,

James Walker