Take your pick: AFC North champs in '09

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

  • Fionn from Wilmington, DE (STAND UP!!) writes: Baltimore got this if we make a splash in the draft/free agency.. If we add a wr and cb than its a wrap.. pittsburgh will be washed up.. Think of a mature flacco with a deep threat, i can see it now flacco to hakeem nicks all day. and I'll say we will retain suggs and maybe lewis, but watch out for a young Jameel Mcclain to break out. James, go check out Mcclain cause he is a great story and will be a great addition to one of the best defenses of the 21st century. Mark My Words: The only things the steelers fans will be using their towels for next year is to wipe their tears!!! Bold prediction, I know, but I stand by my words, Baltimore Ravens 2009 AFC North Champions!! Maybe Harbaugh can get a ring during his second year too!!!

Wow! Let the trash talking begin.

In this week's version of "Take Your Pick," we ask AFC North readers if Fionn from Wilmington, DE (STAAAAND UUUP!!) is correct?

Take into account both teams have yet to go through the draft and free agency. But these are two of the league's top teams in judging personnel, so let's safely assume neither botches this process in the offseason.

The Steelers are going for title No. 7. The Ravens will be even hungrier after coming within one quarter of its second Super Bowl appearance. It's possible both teams could open the 2009 season in Heinz Field in Week 1.

So as it currently stands, who is favored to win the AFC North division next year: Steelers or Ravens?

Take your pick.