Which is Peppers' mystery team?

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Reportedly, Carolina Panthers Pro Bowl defensive end Julius Peppers has a list of four teams he wants to be traded to. One is the Dallas Cowboys (surprise), while the other two teams are in the NFC.

But what about the mystery team in the AFC?

Connecting the dots, there is a chance that mystery team is in the AFC North. Peppers wants to play for a 3-4 defense and he wants to play for a contender. Three teams -- the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns -- play 3-4 defenses. But only the Ravens and Steelers are contenders, so let's rule out the Browns.

Yet the Ravens and Steelers already have great defensive players and no need for another big-money player like Peppers. Other AFC teams that could be better targets would be the New England Patriots and New York Jets. Both clubs could use Peppers and it would give him a chance to play in a much bigger market.

So through the process of elimination, Peppers' mystery team may not be in the AFC North. It's more likely the Patriots or Jets.