Morning take: Browns wanted CB Wilson?

Here are the most interesting stories Sunday in the AFC North:

  • Without calling out his twin brother by name, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan implied Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan really wanted cornerback Kyle Wilson, not Joe Haden.

Morning take: How's that for a little in-house controversy? Cleveland took Haden No. 7 overall, but it appears at least one person on the coaching staff preferred another corner.

  • Without quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, the Pittsburgh Steelers have to get back to the running game.

Morning take: The Steelers needed to get back to running the football more consistently anyway. But Roethlisberger's suspension certainly heightens the urgency.

  • Former Texas linebacker and fourth-round pick Roddrick Muckelroy talked his way into impressing the Cincinnati Bengals.

Morning take: Some believe this could be a sleeper pick for the Bengals. They don't need linebackers right now but could use depth and develop young players down the road.

Morning take: It's a tremendous starting five but not an overly deep group. Health will be key this season.