Morning take: 'Big Baby' wants out?

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Here are the most interesting stories Wednesday in the AFC North:

  • Cleveland Browns Pro Bowl defensive tackle Shaun Rogers reportedly wants out and is not happy with new coach Eric Mangini, according to a report on NFL.com.

Morning take: If Mangini hasn't talked to Rogers yet, he'd better hurry. This situation is getting out of hand fast.

  • Want to live in Carson Palmer's California residence? The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback wants to sell as he spends most of his time in the Queen City.

Morning take: It's an absolutely beautiful home. So if you happen to have $3 million sitting around the house, I suggest you make a bid.

  • A major contention in the negotiations between the Ravens and offensive lineman Jason Brown could be whether to pay him as a guard or center.

Morning take: Teams that want to play Brown as a guard will value him higher than the Ravens, who would play Brown at center. This could mean goodbye Brown and hello to linebacker Bart Scott.

Morning take: The Vikings are also in negotiations with center Matt Birk. Brown could be either a Plan B at center or a main target at guard for Minnesota.