AFC North mailbag: Browns

The AFC North inbox and Twitter page are filling up with Cleveland Browns questions following their three-day minicamp.

So let's provide some answers.

Rory from Washington, DC, wants to know how Browns cornerback and No. 7 overall pick Joe Haden looked in minicamp.

James Walker: I was a little surprised that I didn't see more of Haden in minicamp, Rory. He had several opportunities to make plays but couldn't finish. You can see the athleticism. But Haden also looks like he's thinking too much right now and is a bit tentative. Haden needs to get more comfortable with the scheme and the defense in training camp.

Joseph from Columbus, OH, writes: Who do you see being the starting tight end for Cleveland?

Walker: Ben Watson is the best all-around tight end and I expect him to be Cleveland's starter, Joseph. The Browns acquired Watson from the New England Patriots in free agency this offseason. Robert Royal struggles as a receiver, and Evan Moore is a good receiver but needs to work on his blocking. But I think all three could see playing time.

JoshuaMontes via Twitter writes: What presence has Browns president Mike Holmgren had at these practices?

Walker: Holmgren is certainly around, Joshua. You see him attentively watching practices and, at times, joking with the media. But his job this year is mostly done. Holmgren and his front-office staff picked the players, and now it's up to the coaches to cook the meal with the ingredients. I think Holmgren is doing everything he can to stay out of the coaching side, even though it's still in his blood. That will only get tougher for him as the games begin.

JCarterfan via Twitter writes: You have a feel. So what is it? Good or bad?

Walker: I'm not ready to make any team-wide predictions before training camp, JCarter. But I will say the strengths and weaknesses are about what I expected. I'm looking forward to visiting the Cincinnati Bengals this week for their minicamp so I can compare the two teams.

John Darnell from Covington, KY, writes: What's the status on James Davis' injury?

Walker: Davis is back on the field and looks healthy, John. His shoulder isn't an issue and Davis ran the ball pretty well last week. Davis looked good in the preseason last year but got injured early. So it will be interesting to see where he is in his second season, because Cleveland has a lot of running backs in front of him such as Jerome Harrison, Montario Hardesty and Peyton Hillis.