Walker's morning take: Expert picks Browns to reach Super Bowl

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Here is a look at the most interesting stories around the AFC North:

  • Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, one of the top NFL writers in the country, picks the Cleveland Browns to reach the Super Bowl.

Walker's take: Interestingly, Gosselin also likes the New York Giants to win the NFC. I'd say the team in Gosselin's backyard has a much better chance than these two picks.

Walker's take: Druckenmiller attends every Steelers home game and, according to the article, paints his face black-and-gold. That would certainly earn brownie points in Steel Town. Still, I don't see the Rooneys giving up principal ownership. Maybe Druckenmiller can buy the Pirates instead.

  • According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, former Bengals receiver Chris Henry blew through about $2.5 million and is hurting for money.

Walker's take: Another case of poor financial management. But Henry could get another chance if he gets through his trial on July 14.

  • Former Baltimore Ravens quarterback Steve McNair is hosting a football camp Friday at the University of Southern Mississippi for ages 9-17.

Walker's take: Will McNair get the "itch" once he throws to high school receivers?