Scouts Inc. on Ken Hamlin

The Baltimore Ravens added depth to their secondary this week, signing veteran safety Ken Hamlin to a one-year deal.

HamlinHamlinFriday we checked in with our resident scout -- Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. -- to get his thoughts on the Hamlin signing.

"I would say he's somewhere between 'underwhelming' and 'solid.' Those are often-used adjectives that describe guys that don't stand out, don't make a whole lot of big plays, but he also doesn't embarrass himself out there. In a way, it kind of surprises me that it took him this long to get signed. I think he could play strong safety in a pinch, but really he's a free [safety]. But if you're a free safety with just average range, just average ball skills, you're more or less a dime a dozen. I agree that he wasn't worth what Dallas was paying him. They didn't get enough production out of that position. But Baltimore brings him in and I think it's a nice insurance policy if Ed Reed continues to have neck or shoulder problems. Hamlin wouldn't be a liability back there."