Scouts Inc. on Marc Bulger

The Baltimore Ravens made a late splash in free agency this week by acquiring two-time Pro Bowl quarterback Marc Bulger. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Bulger agreed to a one-year deal worth $3.8 million.

But does Bulger have anything left? We checked in with Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson to find out.

Matt, Bulger has been hurt and struggled mightily the past three seasons. What does he have left for the Ravens?

Matt Williamson: Bulger is an injury risk right now, and the reason is pretty simple. He's not a big, strong guy. And he played in that Mike Martz offense for a couple years where they put five guys out all the time and they don't max protect ever. The quarterback has to be a tough guy and take hits, and in the end I don't think his body was capable anymore.

When Bulger is healthy, what does he do well?

MW: Well, I still think he could be a good quarterback. What he does well is he's smart, he is tough, and most importantly, he's very accurate. Bulger was a great fit for Martz in a dome, dropping the ball into spots and having receivers run in St. Louis. He's not a big-armed guy. He's not a great deep passer. But he's very accurate and a good decision maker.

Bulger is a longtime starter, but how will he fit now as a backup with Baltimore?

MW: As a backup goes, I think it could be a real good fit. Baltimore is a contender, so this makes sense for them to get a veteran. I'm also high on Troy Smith, but you can't have too many quarterbacks. The Ravens have a very good running game and a very good offensive line. So you would think you can protect Bulger better. He can also mentor Joe Flacco, who still has a ways to go mentally. If you're close to contention, it's nice to have a smart veteran in that quarterback room to kind of reel Flacco in when things are going bad. Or when he comes to that sideline, he's not talking to the same guy every time. Not only can Flacco talk to the coach, but he can get a different opinion from a player's perspective. Troy Smith is a good backup, but he can't do that.