Denver must call Cleveland

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

If the Denver Broncos want a starting-caliber quarterback in return for Jay Cutler, the team must call the Cleveland Browns.

No other potential trading partner has a quarterback to offer who could give the Broncos anything close to the same value as Cutler. The Browns have two players: Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson.

Anderson Quinn
Quinn, a Notre Dame alum, is a prodigy of Charlie Weis, whom Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels learned under while both were with the New England Patriots. The offensive system McDaniels will run in Denver should have similar concepts to what Quinn learned at Notre Dame. That makes for an easy transition.

Sure, Quinn lacks experience. But if McDaniels can tutor Matt Cassel and make him into a star in one year with zero starts since high school, McDaniels could certainly work with Quinn, who played four full seasons in college and has three NFL starts.

In the event Denver doesn't like Quinn, the Browns also have Anderson available. He is physically gifted in terms of arm strength. So if the Broncos want to go deep more often than not, Anderson would be the pick.

Anderson proved that with the right tools around him he could be a viable NFL quarterback. He won 10 games with the Browns and threw 29 touchdown passes in 2007, which is the year he made it to the Pro Bowl.

So take your pick, Denver, because the Browns have a lot to offer at the quarterback position.

Unless the Broncos believe drafting a rookie quarterback and letting him try to lead the team to the playoffs is wise, then working out a deal with Cleveland is the best move Denver could make.