Take your pick: Ochocinco vs. Boldin

As usual, we have a challenging "Take your pick" this week in the AFC North blog.

BoldinBoldinOchocincoOchocincoThe question is, which star receiver will have the better season: Chad Ochocinco or Anquan Boldin?

Both players are coming off nearly identical 1,000-yard seasons. Ochocinco led the AFC North champion Cincinnati Bengals in receiving, while Boldin, who was acquired by the Baltimore Ravens in a blockbuster trade, eclipsed 1,000 yards with the Arizona Cardinals.

So who will put up bigger numbers in the AFC North in 2010?

Ochocinco has the benefit of knowing the system in Cincinnati, but the Bengals were inconsistent throwing the football last year. Boldin, a three-time Pro Bowler, has been consistent throughout his career. But he's learning a new offense and a new quarterback in Joe Flacco.

So take your pick between these two star receivers. You can share your thoughts below, or send comments to our division inbox and AFC North Twitter. We will run the best responses throughout the week.


Chad Ochocinco and Anqaun Boldin put up similar numbers in 2009.